Affiliate Terms and Conditions

The guidelines for joining the Hostagle affiliate programme are outlined in this agreement. You are referred to as a “Affiliate” in this agreement (the applicant). You are entering into this agreement with Brainvibs Services Pvt Ltd., a Delaware Corporation, and is referred to herein as “Hostagle”. By enrolling in the Hostagle affiliate programme, you attest that you have read the contract and accept its terms.

Affiliate Programs

With Hostagle, there are two different kinds of affiliate programmes: one-time and recurring.


The customer must complete the order form and send full payment for the product in order for a sale to result in a commission to an Affiliate. Only sales that are effected when a customer clicks on legitimate, properly formatted Affiliate links will result in commission payments. The affiliate is solely responsible for properly coded links. Through the Affiliate Dashboard, commissions can be seen.

The Affiliate will be paid a commission for each new enrolment if they have chosen the one-time payment option.

For as long as the customer is a paying customer, the Affiliate who is set up for recurring payments will continue to accrue commissions for each paid transaction. Commissions for plan upgrades and user additions will also accrue for Affiliates taking part in the recurring programme.


When an Affiliate’s balance exceeds 2,500 INR, they are eligible to request a payout. After 60 days, payments might be sought. After the request date, payment processing may take up to 30 days.


Any commissions earned on the refund sum will be subtracted from the affiliate’s account if a client seeks a refund for a transaction for which they paid the affiliate commissions.

Usage and Obligations

The Hostagle brand and marketing instruments found in the Affiliates section of the Hostagle application may be used by Affiliates. Other assets, such as logos, cannot be changed. No trademark, copyright, or other rights to these items are acquired by the Affiliate.

The Affiliate will never directly promote Hostagle products or make any reference to acting on behalf of Hostagle. The Affiliate will never place a bid for ads that Hostagle rivals.

The Affiliate will never give a fraudulent or deceptive representation of who they are, Hostagle, or their affiliation with the company.

The Affiliate will refrain from sending unsolicited mass emails (spam) that mention or link to Hostagle.

Affiliate Disclosure Requirements & Examples

Term and Termination

Either party may end the contract at any time and without giving the other any prior notice.

No additional commissions from Hostagle will be paid for any previous or upcoming client transactions if the Affiliate quits the contract.

Any remaining balance over 2,500 INR will be reimbursed to the affiliate within 60 days of termination if Hostagle decides to end the contract. Less than 2,500 INR worth of balances would be lost.

If the Affiliate is enrolled in a recurring programme, Hostagle won’t be responsible for any additional payments following cancellation.

Governing Law

Without regard to the state’s rules on conflicts of law, the Indian laws shall govern this Agreement’s interpretation, construction, and enforcement.


In India, binding arbitration shall be used to resolve all claims and disagreements arising out of or related to this Agreement. A court with appropriate authority may confirm an arbitration award.


Any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement are subject to change at any time and at our sole discretion. These adjustments could affect the range of commissions that are available, commission schedules, payment methods, and Affiliate Program guidelines, among other things.